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How to install the hot runner?

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1) After checking that the size of the mold is consistent with the design drawing, spray red lead on the nozzle sealing surface and the nozzle mounting datum supporting surface, and then lightly install it into the mold. After confirming that the hot runner nozzle is installed in place, take out the nozzle and check whether the sealing surface and supporting surface of the nozzle are in place.


 2) Insert the center positioning pin, the anti-rotation positioning pin and the center spacer, and then put the sealing ring into the "O" ring groove on the upper end of the hot runner.


 3) Install the manifold, (lock the manifold with screws), the upper pressure block and the hot runner manifold thermocouple.


 4) For the convenience of wiring, connect the lead wires of the power supply and the heating coil of the hot runner thermocouple, and use the number tube to number.


 5) After the assembly is completed, use a depth gauge to measure whether the height of the pressure pad on the manifold is the same as the height of the manifold pad (the general standard is that the upper pad is higher than 10-20 grids), confirm the height, and then cover the mold. Close and tighten the cover screws.

6) Wiring: Insert the power cord into the outlet slot and fix it with a crimping plate. After confirmation, cut off the excess wires and insert the φ2-3 terminal. Confirm the connector: HUIGER's standard is that the power cord is connected to the male core connector, and the hot runner thermocouple is connected to the female core connector.


 7) There are generally two situations for field wiring: one is to connect to the connector according to the HUIGER wiring method. The other is connected to the connector according to the wiring provided by the customer.


 8) After wiring is completed, put the connector into the junction box and fix it on the mold.


 9) After the assembly is completed, use a multimeter to check whether the resistance value and insulation value of the (hot runner heater and thermocouple) are normal.

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