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Application of electric heating tube in industry

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With the continuous development of society, China's industry has developed rapidly. Electric heating tubes are mainly used for heating equipment. Because of its simple operation and convenient use, it is favored by users. Electric heating tube is an important tool for liquid heating or solid melting. It can solve many industrial problems and is indispensable in industrial production. So, what are the applications of electric heating tubes in industry? The following is what the employees of the electric heating tube manufacturer introduce to you:

After long-term application and practice, the electric heating tube is not only diverse in varieties and complete specifications, but also meets the needs of various production in the market:

1. Finned electric heating tube for drying wood, paper, printing and dyeing, painting, etc.

2. Melt and heat salt substances such as saltpeter, using a dry-burning heating tube.

Three low melting point alloys, such as lead melting furnaces and tin melting furnaces, have a separate heating tube.

4. Electric heating film for building heating.

5. Use the air duct heating box to heat the flowing and still air.

6. Infrared radiant heater with far-infrared heating tube (timely, ceramic).

7. Low-temperature electric furnace, industrial electric furnace, air circulation electric furnace, etc.

8. The heaters in oil, water and other chemical liquids and electroplating baths include heater tubes, Teflon heater tubes and titanium heater tubes.

9. Distillation equipment for heating pipelines of sea water power stations.

10. Alkali-acid heating devices have acid and alkali resistance to heating.

11. In the food industry, the assembly line for baking various breads, biscuits, snacks, and electric heating devices. Plastic parts processing molding extruder and rubber product molding vulcanization device, with single heating tube and uniform temperature electric heating tube.

In medical sterilization equipment, infrared heaters are used in sterilizers and sterilizers.

Motor vacuum impregnation equipment heating, enameled wire drying and other equipment, finned electric heating tube, far-infrared heating tube.

Various household electric heating appliances used in daily life, such as rice cookers, electric stoves, rice cookers, electric frying pans, water heaters, electric irons, aluminum heating plates, double-head heating tubes, etc.

This article introduces the application of electric heating tubes in industry. Electric heating tubes are suitable for heating air, oil, water, chemical media, hot pressing molds, melting salts and alkalis, and heating low melting point alloys. The electric heating tube has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, long service life, high mechanical strength, convenient installation, safety and reliability.

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