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What are the heating wire materials in the heating tube?

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The heating wire is a metal wire with high resistivity, which will generate heat when it is energized. The electric heating wire is the core heating body in the electric heating tube.

There are two common heating wires in the market: iron-chromium-aluminum alloy heating wires and nickel-chromium alloy heating wires. As the heating body of the electric heating tube, these two kinds of electric heating wires have their own characteristics in terms of function and performance.

1. Iron-chromium-aluminum alloy heating wire: made of three metal materials: iron, chromium and aluminum.

Advantages: Fe-Cr-Al alloy heating wire has high temperature, good oxidation resistance, long service life, high surface load, high resistivity and low price.

Disadvantages: Low strength in high temperature environment, it will deform with the increase of temperature, and it is not easy to recover after deformation.

2. Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire: a heating wire synthesized from nickel-chromium.

Advantages: Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire is not easy to deform under high temperature, the structure is not easy to deform, plasticity is good, easy to repair, high emissivity, non-magnetic, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

Disadvantages: Due to the scarcity of nickel metal materials, the price is several times more expensive than iron-chromium-aluminum alloy heating wires.

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