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Installation method of flange electric heating pipe in industry

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In the field of industrial electric heating equipment, flanged electric heating tubes are a kind of heating tube with high frequency. With their own high power advantages, flanged electric heating tubes have been widely used. At the same time, flanged electric heating tubes are generally used. Used for heating liquids, all are called immersion liquid heating tubes. So in industrial electric heating equipment, the installation method of flange electric heating pipe has become a matter of concern to everyone. This problem needs to be considered in advance when we design the heating tube, because the design of the heating tube is different for different installation methods.


1. Choice of flange installation and fixing method


1. Threaded fixation. (Threaded flange type electric heating tube)


There are two ways of screw fixing. One is to perforate the container, the female ring is directly welded to the container, and the threaded flange heating tube is directly screwed on the ring, and the other is to make the container thicker. The material, perforate, and pass the heating tube through, use the hexagonal big nut and the thread of the threaded heating tube to forbid it (with a sealing ring in the middle).


2. Cooperate with female flange connection (flat flange heating pipe)


After the user determines the parameters of the flange, configure the appropriate female flange, fix the flange and the female flange with bolts, and fix it with gaskets. For those with high sealing requirements, they can also be welded and sealed on the original basis. .


2. Installation direction of flange electric heating pipe


The installation direction of the flange electric heating pipe is generally horizontal installation with holes at the bottom of the side and vertical installation from top to bottom (or from bottom to top). For these two installation methods, we need to consider when designing the heating tube. The design is mainly reflected in the confirmation of the cold zone and the heating zone of the heating tube.


When installed vertically, when the water level in the container heated by the heating tube is not full, part of the heating tube is out of the water level. Since the power load of the heating tube for heating the liquid medium is much greater than that of dry heating, the flange heating tube It cannot be dried out of water. Therefore, in the case of vertical installation, if the heating tube cannot be completely immersed in water for heating, it is recommended that the user keep a part of the cold end (the size of the cold end is subject to the low water level), and the liquid level Controller.


When the side bottom is installed horizontally, the phenomenon of dry burning can almost be avoided. However, when installing horizontally, the length of the heating pipe needs to be considered. Due to the influence of gravity, the horizontal installation side has a small force area and a large unit force. Therefore, this problem must be properly considered when selecting the flange parameters.

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