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  • The cast-in heating plates and heating bands consist of one or several electrical resistances embedded in a block of aluminum providing excellent thermal conductivity.

    Cast-in heating elements are ideal for applications requiring homogeneous indirect heat.

    Cast-in heaters are often used in plastics industry, packaging industry, food industry and many others.

    Usual applications:  heating plates for presses, extruder dies and sheaths, heating plates for homogeneous heating (rubber, aerated concrete curing), sealing on packaging lines, mills.

    Product Overview

    1. Indirect heating

    2. Block of Aluminum

    3. Process temperature up to +400°C (aluminium)

    4. Max Watt density 4.5 w/cm² on the heating element

    5. Weight: 0.000003kg/mm^3

    6. Can be equipped with cooling circuits to optimize the industrial process



    1. Gravity moulding ensures an excellent material homogeneity and thus a perfect heat transfer.

    2. Constant surface temperature is achieved through appropriate forming.

    3. As this is indirect heating, the heating resistance is protected. The solid or fluid to be heated is not in contact with the resistance.

    4. High protection against corrosion

    5. The end-to-end control of the design and production chain allows us to deliver a product which suits your process perfectly

    6. Resistance in severe industrial surroundings (impacts, vibration)



    1. Injection and Blow Moulding

    2. Extruders

    3. Moulds & Dies

    4. Packaging machinery

    5. Medical equipments

    6. Thermoforming equipment