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  • Product Description

    The cast-In Iron Heater is manufactured with a different size and shape .This is a high performance heater with effective and uniform heating capacity. The Laiyuan cast-in Heater is a unique heater with high heat resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and durability, the cast-in heater can be cast into many forms, e.g., cylindrical, semicircular, conical, angular and plate. It is widely used for industrial purposes, including heater of kitchen cooking plate, synthetic resin extruder or molding and processing equipment. It has gained wide popularity in various field and is developing a still wider market



    1. Suitable for location where vibration and impact are present because it is strong against mechanical impact. 

    2. Mounting on various equipmentis simple

    3. As the heater is mounted in close contact with heater material according to style of the heater element, its heat conductivity and thermal efficiency are high.

    4. Thermal capacity is large and effective temperature control is possible.

    5. Block of IRON

    6. Process temperature up to +850°C (Iron)

    7. Max Watt density 6.0 w/cm² on the heating element

    8. Weight: 0.0000079kg/mm^3