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Features of Cartridge Heaters

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Industrial heaters are mainly divided into single-head heating tubes (cartridge heaters) and double-head heating tubes from the structure of heating tubes. The application of single-ended heating pipes is not as extensive as that of double-ended heating pipes, but due to its own structural characteristics, it is still widely used in some fields. It is often used for heating of mold holes and heating of fuel tanks. Today, I will introduce the characteristics of single-hair heat pipe for your reference.

appearance. The most obvious one is the short size. Although the heating tube is short, it never affects the reduction of its own power, but the surface load is large service life. Cartridge heaters heat in the die holes. To be honest, the service life is not as good as theoretically imagined. Due to poor heating conditions and fast heat release, the electric heating external stainless steel tube often burns, oxidizes, and deforms, resulting in the internal heating element - the electric heating alloy wire being blown and fused, thereby shortening the service life. service life.


Good insulation performance. Cartridge heaters have excellent insulating properties. Especially in the cold state, it can still maintain good thermal insulation performance.

High operability. Even if multiple cartridge heaters are used at the same time. It will not interfere with each other, and the wiring in the box can be easily completed.

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