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What are the characteristics of the finned heating tube?

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The space inside the heating tube of the barn is filled with magnesia sand. The magnesia sand at the web end of the finned heating tube group is very easy to suffer environmental pollution due to the penetration of residue and moisture, so pay attention to it during actual operation The finned heating tube group outlet web end situation, to prevent the resulting leakage safety accident.


When the heating tube of the drying box is used to heat chemical substances such as easy-melting metal materials or solid nitrate, paraffin, bitumen, etc., the heating chemical substances must be melted first. At this time, the external fin heating tube can be reduced. The working voltage is restored to the rated current when the melting is in progress. In addition, when the finned heating tube heats nitrate and other chemicals that are very prone to explosive events, safety precautions must be taken into consideration.


The storage part of the fin-type heating tube must maintain a dry and moderate ground resistance. If the ground resistance of the natural environment of the fin-type heating tube is found to be too small during application, it can be re-applied after repairing it with a low-voltage power supply. The finned heating tube must be properly fixed before application, and a part of the wiring must be placed outside the insulation layer to prevent contact with corrosion, flammable substances and water.


When the heating tube of the electric oven is used for gas heating, pay attention to the symmetrical sequence of the finned heating tube. The advantage of doing so is to ensure that the finned heating tube has a relatively sufficient and symmetrical heat pipe cooling indoor space, and as much as possible to ensure the gas Circulation, improve the heating efficiency of the finned heating tube.

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