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What is the basic working principle of the hot runner electric heater?

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The equipment is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment that heats light fuel oil in advance or twice, and plastic melts through the flow channel to control temperature. It is installed before the combustion equipment to keep the light fuel oil before ignited. The increase in temperature increases the viscosity of light fuel oil at high temperatures (105°C-150°C), promotes sufficient atomization and ignition and other effects, and finally exceeds the goal of saving resources. It is widely used in places where light fuel oils such as fuel oil, bitumen, vegetable oil and other light fuel oils are heated in advance or twice, and in the rubber and plastic products processing industry.


Heat sink fin heating tube (U-shaped, W-shaped, M-shaped stainless steel electric heating tubes can be customized according to customers' requirements, used in electric ovens, drying ovens, baking rooms and other air-burning gas heating places) in liquid or When heating the metal material in solid state, pay attention to completely embed the finned heating tube in the object to be heated, and do not allow the finned heating tube to burn out. After the application of the finned heating tube, if there is dirt or carbon on the surface of the metal hose shell, it should be eliminated immediately to prevent damage to the heat dissipation characteristics and service life of the finned heating tube.


The basic principle is that when a thicker metal material is in an alternating electromagnetic field, it will cause current flow due to electromagnetic induction. When the thicker metal material causes the current flow, the current flow will produce a spiral flow line inside the metal material, so that the heat generated by the flow of the current flow will be digested and absorbed by the metal material itself, which will cause The temperature of metal materials rises quickly.


Hot runner electric heaters use metal materials to cause vortexes in alternating electromagnetic fields and then become hot themselves. They are generally used in metal surface treatment and other levels. It is a kind of heating component that is often seen. The hot runner electric heating ring is a kind of heating component, for example, it is installed on the hot nozzle and the main nozzle, and many people call it an electric heater. There is also a heating wire, which is installed inside the separation plate, which is a bit similar to an electric heating rod, and has a much higher natural safety factor and a much larger output power.

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