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How to maintain the heating rod?

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Cartridge heaters are available in two types of outlet leads: crimped or swaged lead construction consisting of high grade nickel chrome resistance wire wrapped around a premium MgO core or tube centered in a stainless steel shell. Compared with electric heating elements with the same large heat, the cartridge heater can save 5% of electric heating materials, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%.


Cartridge heaters are used in a variety of heated metal parts and can be fitted with threaded bushings to heat liquids in some applications.


1) Store cartridge heaters in a dry place, especially in environments with high humidity.


2) Protect heating tube leads from abrasion and do not expose them to contaminants such as grease and injection molding machine spouts. Leads should not be used in environments above 450 degrees Celsius.


3) The temperature of the equipment needs to be controlled to maintain a good working condition, and the operating equipment should meet the requirements of the specification.


4) Since all heating elements have a tendency to absorb moisture from humid air, moisture may accumulate during shipping or storage. Therefore, if the insulation resistance value is low (less than 1 megohm), the heating element can be baked in an oven for several hours or use low voltage at the beginning of operation to eliminate moisture.

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