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The principle and advantages and disadvantages of ceramic heater

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Advantages of Ceramic Heaters


1. The ceramic heater has low cost and long service life.


2. No special temperature controller, thermal resistance thermocouple and other temperature sensors are required for temperature control. It regulates the temperature through its own material properties.


3. The ceramic heater is safe and environmentally friendly.


4. The heater body is designed with multiple gears, and the heating temperature is below 200 degrees Celsius. In any case, the body does not turn red, has a protective and insulating effect. There is no risk of burns and fire, so you can use it with confidence.


5. The electric energy consumption of the heater is optimized and controlled to a minimum, and the materials with high heating efficiency greatly improve the utilization efficiency of electric energy.


6. The heating plate has the characteristics of automatic constant temperature and does not need a temperature control system.


7. When the heating plate is used to heat liquid, the heating plate will not be damaged after the liquid is burned.

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