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How is the electric heating tube composed?

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1. Shell

The more commonly used electric heating tubes are metal shells, made of copper, iron, stainless steel, etc.


2. Resistance wire

The resistance wire is the main component of the electric heating tube and also the heating element of the electric heating tube. The electric heating tube achieves the purpose of heating by energizing the resistance wire.

There are two kinds of resistance wires commonly used in electric heating tubes: iron-chromium-aluminum wire and nickel-chromium wire.


3. Filler

The filling material of the electric heating tube is densely filled between the resistance wire and the shell, which mainly plays the role of insulation and heat conduction, which is why the surface of the electric heating tube is not conductive.

For magnesium oxide powder, choose low-temperature powder, medium-temperature powder, high-temperature powder, etc. according to the working temperature.


4. Terminal

The connecting terminal is connected with the resistance wire in the heating tube, and is mainly used for connecting the power line and electrifying.

Terminals are made of iron, copper, stainless steel, etc.

5. Seal

The electric heating tube is generally sealed with high temperature sealant. The function of the sealant is to prevent the moisture in the air from being sucked into the tube, causing the electric heating tube to leak electricity.

After the ordinary electric heating tube is sealed with sealing glue, a ceramic bead will be added for insulation.


6. Small nuts and small washers on the terminals

These are accessories for fixing the power cord, usually copper, iron, stainless steel.

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