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Do you know why the electric heater is moisture-proof?

Home    Do you know why the electric heater is moisture-proof?

If the heating rod is used or stored in a high humidity environment, the insulation resistance will drop. If a higher voltage is suddenly connected, it is easy to cause leakage, short circuit, etc. This is because the interior of the electric heater is generally filled with magnesium oxide powder, which has the functions of insulation and heat conduction. But magnesium oxide powder is easy to absorb moisture. Before leaving the factory, we will go through strict dehumidification operations, and seal the box immediately after dehumidification. Commonly used sealing materials not only ensure the dryness inside the electric heater, but also have air permeability under certain circumstances to cope with the expansion of the inside when it is heated.


Electric heating rods that have been placed for a long time must be protected from moisture and placed in a ventilated and dry place to ensure the insulation performance of the product.


No need to worry about getting your cartridge heater wet. After the power is turned on, the water in the heater evaporates, and the heat preservation performance gradually recovers. It can start at low voltage and gradually increase the voltage to normal value, which is beneficial to the moisture-proof inside the electric heater. Never do direct high voltage priming to damper heaters as this will permanently damage the product.

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